YouTube will show video chapters in search results

YouTube will show video chapters in search results


One of the recent features that YouTube has introduced is chapters. What it does is it allows creators to split their videos into different chapters for easy navigation. It now looks like YouTube will take advantage of the chapters and use it in search results to show more accurate videos.

This means that if you’re looking for something specific, instead of showing you the entire video, in which some parts may not be relevant, YouTube will start showing the relevant chapters. It’s pretty interesting and should save you a few extra steps when it comes to finding the video you want.

Other changes that YouTube will present to the table include previews for mobile search results, so you can see a small clip before you click on the video. YouTube is also expected to expand to other languages ​​in search results, where if it doesn’t find what you’re looking for in your primary language, it will try to search for content in other languages ​​and display automatically translated titles and titles. and descriptions.

According to YouTube, this will mainly apply to English videos in the first place and is currently being tested in India and Indonesia, but there are plans to consider expanding to more locations based on user feedback.

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